The Perils of Sherlock Holmes, by Loren D. Estleman

Uncover these captivating Sherlock Holmes mysteries and essaysThe Perils of Sherlock Holmes

In this adventurous collection of Sherlock Holmes mysteries, you will find yourself right by the legendary detective’s side as he investigates a whole new series of crimes. Each of these fascinating tales are authorized by the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle estate, and while you will recognize some of them, other stories, like “The Serpent?s Egg,” are revealed here for the very first time. This entertaining book also includes three previously published essays, “Channeling Holmes,” “On the Significance of Boswells,” and “Was Sherlock Holmes The Shadow?” that delve deeper into the daring world of Sherlock Holmes and the imaginative mind of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

With The Perils of Sherlock Holmes, you will love diving into the extraordinary mindset and thrilling investigations of your favorite sleuth!

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